A technique to help you focus

It’s so easy to be distracted.  We can feel torn when our attention is split in two or more pieces.  Here’s an exercise to help you focus.

Kevin Kelly a well-known speaker and author gave a talk in Cork on Entrepreneurship.   He had a wonderful technique for keeping focus which I’ve adapted for you.

When you want to focus, get back to centre, be present, calm, or just get your bearings, do this. By the way, apparently, it’s also great for freeing writer’s block.

Pick one sound that you’re hearing in your immediate environment. (Hint; say you live in the country listen to the birdsong, if you’re in an office, it might be the clicking of a keyboard) Remember one sound only. This will be your focus.

Concentrate on the sound. Your thoughts will come and go. It’s natural for this to happen. Let them come and go. Every time you realise that you’ve drifted, keep bringing your attention back to the sound you’ve chosen. Do this for 1 to 5 minutes, whichever is appropriate for you.

I’ve done it several times and it’s great for getting clarity and learning to keep focus. You can create a gap in your mind so you can think some original thoughts. You relax too!

Have a go and test it for yourselves.

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