Plant Manager, Multinational, Cork

"When our business was undergoing a substantial change last year, the HR Manager recommended that the Management team use an external coach to help us through the process. Ann Kelly's name cropped up as being somebody practical and who made a difference in people's lives.
Somewhat sceptically we individually met Ann, face to face the first time and then by phone after that. My expectation that this was going to be somebody who would analyse my behaviour and tell me what to do to fix myself and move on was so wrong! Ann works by questioning, challenging and waiting patiently until you come up with your own answers. She gets you to look inside yourself and inspect parts of yourself that you opted not to look at before. She gets you to articulate what you want and describe what you are going to do to get it. Ann's words and questions stay with you long after the phone call has ended.
The sessions with Ann are tough, sometimes scary, often funny but they clear away the cobwebs and help you to see the way forward.
I continue to use what Ann gave me and often ask myself "What would Ann say about this" - it forces me to crawl out of my comfort zone and take control. I would highly recommend Ann as a coach to anybody in a job where they are too busy to take the time to change."

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