What we resist we lock in place

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘what we resist, persists’.    When we resist an unwanted event, we think we are separating ourselves from it, but instead, we’re locking it in place.     Here’s how it works.

Take your right hand for a moment and let that hand be your happiness, or your intention to get to your meeting on time, or your intention to finalise one piece of work today.

Now take your left hand and let that hand challenge you in some way.  For example your partner picks a fight with you before you leave for work and you’re fuming.  Or you hit a police check point which is slowing all the traffic down and you’re late for your meeting.  Or an employee doesn’t complete the piece of work you need to close off the job once and for all.

For a moment, push your right hand against your left hand as hard as you would resist something that was frustrating you.

Are they getting further apart?   No.

The more you push against it, the more power it has over you and the more you lock it in place.

We were watching the rain bucketing down when Michael who is five said, “I hate the rain”.   Then Blathnaid  who is 6 ¾  piped up ‘ No Michael,  don’t hate it, you’ll only make it worse!’

Out of the mouths of babes eh!

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