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Trust starts with trusting yourself – do you trust yourself?

It’s been a long time since I wrote. After my newsletter last March I had no more to say. It’s been disconcerting in some ways because literally, I had no words. So, I took my own advice and dug even deeper into my own personal and spiritual development and here I am again back to haunt ye (grin). Trust starts…

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Are you blue in the face from trying to get a clear answer from people?

“When you add to the truth, you take from it. ” Talmud A client was bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t get a clear answer from another leader in her organisation.   It turns out that she wasn’t communicating as clearly as she thought she was and as a result was getting a diluted response to her diluted requests. Get…

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Left brain or right brain? Which do you use when there is a direct clash in your organisation?

Mark is head of new business in a large organisation.  Every time they’re about to close a deal they are stymied by one department. It’s been going on for over 2 years and everyone is his team groans when they think of tackling it because they ‘know’ it won’t change. He had wrangled over it, looked at it this way…

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“If you had no fixed perspectives, could stress exist?”

“If you had no fixed perspectives, could stress exist?”   This is something I heard Rikka Zimmerman say last week and it had a very powerful impact on me. So ask yourself now  “If you had no fixed perspectives, could stress exist?” Let it roam around your mind for the next few days and notice what you notice….. allow your noticings…

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Here’s a tool for a work issue that’s sticking around too long

Stop reaching conclusions about everything and anything (even the weather) instead start asking for more possibilities. Why? When we have a point of view about something we are inclined to reach a conclusion. That conclusion limits us. When you reach a conclusion based on your point of view, and you believe it, you lock it in place and it becomes…

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