Left brain or right brain? Which do you use when there is a direct clash in your organisation?

Mark is head of new business in a large organisation.  Every time they’re about to close a deal they are stymied by one department. It’s been going on for over 2 years and everyone is his team groans when they think of tackling it because they ‘know’ it won’t change.

He had wrangled over it, looked at it this way and that way and was still trying to figure ways of working it out when we had our session.  Long story short it boiled down to Mark and his team saying “can do” and the other department saying “can’t do”.   They were at loggerheads albeit in a very civilised and politically correct way.

Although Mark was looking for a solution his energy and words consistently were heavy and in problem mode.  Like night and day, good and bad, can do and can’t do are polar opposites and neutralise each other.

How can you win playing on the field of those polarities?   The trick is to go beyond the battlefield to find a solution.  Once we moved into solution mode, Mark found it within a few minutes.

The tool we used throughout our session?

Every time he came up with something whether it was in the figuring out stage of our conversation or the solution stage I asked him if it felt light or heavy.    The concept is that the truth feels light, a lie feels heavy.  Using his sensory perception he was able to bypass his ‘logical’ mind to stay out of problem mode.

Logic and left brain technology is fine when it works for you…. if not, consider engaging your right brain and using more of your resources to find a solution.  Then use your left brain to do the detail.  Fabulous!

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