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Older and wiser


Over the last few years, I’ve got a little older and a little wiser.  The other day, Blathnaid, my grandaughter who is six taught me a lesson.   We pulled up at the door of the house and I asked her to bring in her school bag.   Her answer? ” I will if you let me watch TV.”  …

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A technique to help you focus

It’s so easy to be distracted.  We can feel torn when our attention is split in two or more pieces.  Here’s an exercise to help you focus. Kevin Kelly a well-known speaker and author gave a talk in Cork on Entrepreneurship.   He had a wonderful technique for keeping focus which I’ve adapted for you. When you want to focus, get…

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Hello world!

Hello world and former Your World Your Way fans. Welcome to the Reaching Your Potential blog. It’s been quite a while since I wrote a newsletter. Now I’m back with a blog instead! Out of my long sabbatical, ‘Reaching Your Potential’ my new coaching business, emerged. It is a step up from Your World Your Way. I’m assuming you’ve all got…

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