Taking the pressure off

Taking the pressure off …Do you ever have those days where you have a list of things to do and you’re just not getting them done fast enough?    When that icky feeling of unease is creeping up inside; the tension is building in your neck and shoulders and a million stressful thoughts are circling in your head?   

Remember, you can’t control everything so just stop for a moment. 

Put your attention on your heart…. Feel it beating away without your help.  Follow its soft even rhythm and allow yourself to breathe more easily.   Tune in to its steady beat and remember this.  You can’t control everything.  Your heart beats away without you doing anything.   It sends blood to your body without you thinking about what it should do next.  It just does what it’s built to do.   It doesn’t think, I’m not moving fast enough, I’m not getting enough done.  There’s no conflict.  

It just flows.  It doesn’t go against the flow.  

When you’re resisting something that’s happening or not happening and you’re going against the flow, you cause yourself stress, pressure, conflict, unease.  There’s no need.   Feel the beat of your heart and find your own rhythm once again.  Take a deep breath and go with the flow…….. more deep breaths..

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