White Space – time out for you

The White Space gives you space and time out to catch your breath and focus on you and your life and business.

The simple act of marking out 2 hours a week of White Space in your dairy to spend with yourself has changed the lives and businesses of people I’ve coached over the last 12 years

Are you someone who says ” I must take time out ” and then you allow your usual activities to crowd in and you put it on the long finger?

Would you consider taking 2 hours of White Space every week just for you?  

You could write it into your diary for the next month.  Don’t make any plans until you’re in the time and space.  Think of it as White Space – like a blank canvass if you will.   At first it may feel uncomfortable when  you’re used to your life being full of everything.    When you take White Space consistently, you can expect to shift your perspective and make life giving choices for you and your work/business.

If the prospect of  doing White Space on your own is daunting for you, would you like to join a select group of people for one day of White Space next Saturday?    Become absorbed in your life, your ambitions, your hopes and your dreams.   You will be facilitated in a way that honours and shows you the best of you.

When is the right time take time out?   Is there ever a right time for you?

Mary just got off the phone from her old friend.  They’d just got in touch after 10 years.  She didn’t feel so good.  Her friend was bubbling over about her fantastic life  and Mary was comparing her own situation  to her friend’s;  the job she hated and how she wished she had left it years ago.

Gary had planned his retirement and worked very hard for what he’d got, but now all his money is gone and he has to keep running his business and he’s mighty resentful.

Sheila works with her husband in their business.  But she has her own business dream.  She’s had it for years but she’s always stopped herself taking that extra step.

Joan is a teacher and she has lived a very full life.  She has changed jobs and is now looking ahead to what she else she wants to experience over the next few years.

Paul is an engineer.  His job has been made redundant and he wants to use this as an opportunity to adapt his skills to something new.

  • Has your life has changed in a very dramatic way?  Is there a gap that you don’t know how to fill?
  • Are you feeling caught in a situation that isn’t changing and you don’t know what to do?
  • Is your life great and now you want to move forward and would love a  way of looking at it in a structured way?

White Space Getaway is a gift you can choose to give yourself, next Saturday 13th October at Ballymaloe House Hotel, Cork.

If my words have stirred something in you, is this the right time for you to act on it?

It’s your choice.     If this is your time, call me at 021-4354725 to register.

Check it out here http://www.reachingyourpotential.co/events/whitespace/




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