White Space – time out for you

The White Space gives you space and time out to catch your breath and focus on you and your life and business. The simple act of marking out 2 hours a week of White Space in your dairy to spend with yourself has changed the lives and businesses of people I’ve coached over the last 12 years Are you someone who…

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What we resist we lock in place

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘what we resist, persists’.    When we resist an unwanted event, we think we are separating ourselves from it, but instead, we’re locking it in place.     Here’s how it works. Take your right hand for a moment and let that hand be your happiness, or your intention to get to your meeting on time,…

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Taking the pressure off

Taking the pressure off …Do you ever have those days where you have a list of things to do and you’re just not getting them done fast enough?    When that icky feeling of unease is creeping up inside; the tension is building in your neck and shoulders and a million stressful thoughts are circling in your head?    Remember, you can’t…

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Would you want someone to feel sorry for you?

Would you want someone to feel sorry for you? A young woman was telling me her husband has started to work away from home. They are concerned about the effect of his absence on the children. The oldest child is definitely much quieter than usual and needing lots of one to one attention. It was clear they were dealing with…

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Older and wiser


Over the last few years, I’ve got a little older and a little wiser.  The other day, Blathnaid, my grandaughter who is six taught me a lesson.   We pulled up at the door of the house and I asked her to bring in her school bag.   Her answer? ” I will if you let me watch TV.”  …

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